Q: Are all products from Goddess Glow Natural?

A: Yes. There are no preservatives used in the products made.


Q: Are the products safe to use, since there are no preservatives in them?

A: Yes. All products are anhydrous; meaning they are NOT formulated with water and safe to store in cool areas. DO not mix any products with water.


Q: Are my lip balm and lip scrub still safe to use if mixed with water?

A: No. Please discard immediately if your lip balm and scrub come in contact with water.


Q: Are Goddess Glow Products mass produced or made in a warehouse?

A: No. All products are hand made to order in small batches.


Q: What if my product is melted or too soft when I receive it?

A: We recommend that during the warm and summer months; that you immediately refrigerate your product until it solidifies and can be used properly.


Q: Does the shipping time frame begin when my order is placed?

A: No. We ask that you allow 3-5 business days for your products to be made to order. Your order will be shipped no later than the 5th business day. Please review our shipping policy available at checkout.